7 things to consider when organising your next photoshoot!!

1. Location - Choose a location that suits your family somewhere you feel comfortable (if your child hate sand don’t choose the beach as nice as it is it’s better to have happy family members)

2. Time of day - Choose a time of day for your photo shoot to maximize natural light and minimize shadows also work around nap times and bed times. Nothing worse then a cranky three year old because it’s past bed time.

3. Weather - Consider whether you want to include weather in the photos, such as sunsets rises or rain maybe your wanting an in home session to avoid the wet session rains

4. Clothing - Make sure clothing is appropriate for the environment and matches what you're trying to capture in the photos read your style guide and ask questions if you need.

5. Think about how many people will be present during the photo session and how you need images of individual and group combinations that are important to you.

6. Equipment- Bring all necessary equipment with you so there's no last minute scrambling feel free to bring bribes honestly I have three kids I get it!

7. And lastly one for the dads I get it you don’t want to be here but your family and wife will love you for this and it means so much to her so I allow you to bring you favourite beverage

relax play and be silly with your kids I want to capture you as you are as a family.

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