Outback breastfeeding session

august1-7 world breastfeeding week a time to celebrate something incredibly beautiful and empowering!

The female body is something far beyond what we sometimes give it credit for, as life goes by we forget us females create life feed and nurture it and that is something to be celebrated !

I put a call out for a local mother to come create some celebratory magic with mei had so many wonderful women message me but the first lady was perfect and we locked it in. What we didnt know was the sky would light up a stunning goldern and red this particular afternoon. This session was quickly up there with one of my top favouits this mum has done such a great job with her baby one anyone of us would of struggled with and many more before and another us im sure will. After being brought into the world early and being so tiny she gave him exactly what she knew as a mother he needed and this didnt come easy but now her little man is a thriving 12 month old full of life healthy and happy, and very much still breastfed and zero signs of stopping you would have no idea that he was small or even born early. What more could a mum or child want this is a true testiment to the power of breast milk and its wonderful benifits seeing the bond between these two made me so proud to be a women and be able to share these beautiful images with you all and for this mum to tresure forever.

words from the model

"He was prem so I had to pump for the first 8 weeks. It was so hard because I was in oversupply then under supply, using a nipple shield and juggling pumping/ breastfeeding and the crazy post birth hormones. I knew if I just pushed through it would eventually be easy. I’m so glad I did because I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding and that time we have together. He’s now 1 and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon."

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