PRO VS HOME printing

Updated: Feb 13

There are many reasons why printing photos in a professional photo lab is important, but here are three of the most common. First, there's quality to consider. Photos printed by professionals will look better than any other option - even if you opt for an expensive device or service. Second, it'll be easier to get your hands on them quickly when you need them. Finally, they're easy to share with everyone!  So keep reading below and learn more about why this is such a good idea for mums like us! ____________________________________                                                  

Mums love their family memories just as much as anyone else does; especially once those memories start coming back into focus after having children (and before little ones become teenagers)

1. Printing from a pro is eco-friendly

At home you are most likely going to print 5-10 copies before getting it right and even then the quality with never be what a pro can do

2. Printing from a pro saves you time and money

Printing from a pro means you let then take over and you just enjoy once its done no running to stores for frames ink or lining up at Kmart no re printing because colours don't look right or they have become sun faded.

3. You get the best quality prints because of their expertise

The pros are the pros nothing more needs to be said they do this and create divine magical pieces that blow your mind.

4. It's more convenient than printing at home, so you don't have to worry about running out of ink or paper

Home printers cost a lot to refill and last barely any time as all save those prints for the kids school projects and leave it up to us.

5. You can print on anything - not just paper!

As your photographer i offer a range of incredible piece and if your can imagen i i can help you make it a reality

Printing photos in a professional photo lab is important for many reasons. You may be tempted to print your digital pictures at home, but you should know that this will never give them the same quality as what they would have if created by professionals. Our team of experts can help with everything from choosing paper and size, to determining how best to frame or mat your prints so that they last for generations and tell an amazing story about who you are and where you come from! Which do you prefer - printing at home or getting it done professionally?

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