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Ten things to prepare

yourself and family for Having your portraits taken for The first time!

having your portraits taken as a family can be super stress full but it doesn’t have to be by investing in a professional your ensuring the process is smooth and as stress free as possible.

1: book ahead of time! this give the photographer and yourself time to plan and go over any concerns you may have.

2: read any information your photographer sends you and ask questions if you need to.

3:organise outfits ahead of time.

4:book in any extra services you might require dress hire? Professional make up?


5: talk to your kids about it so it’s not a huge surprise and even show them images and find out what they like and your husband or wife.

7: talk about locations with your photographer sometimes you might think the beach is great but if your want a lunch time session the beach might be very uncomfortable you may wish to opt for an in home studio or uncover garden session instead.

8: read your contract and understand the service your purchasing.

9: gather inspiration photographers are creative minds we love seeing what inspires you and this helps inspire us too.

10: fill out any questionnaires and information. So on the day your photographer can really engage with you family to the fullest and create beautiful photos your family will cherish.

Sarah Frances xx

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