Updating my own kids portaits while in Lockdown

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Three weeks in Lockdown like the rest of the world and im finding myself being creative to beat the boredom i'm currently doing a thirtyone day photo challange to give me a reason to get the camera out and be creative if there one thing ive learned from this time is that you cant just pull you camera out and expaect to create something amazing ánd intantly be inspired you need a reason or a project, So day thirteen called for photos taken at a appiture of 3.2-4.5 straight away i thought well thats what i normally shoot at when I do my sunset sessions so lets take the kids out and update their portaits i took them to a spot less the 2km from our house in Kambalda that I had been thinking about going to for a while now, after i did a session twennty minutes away out of town on the salt lake i wanted to find an alternative for those that didnt wanna drive so far this spot proved its self perfect wait to you see the results.

First we went exploring my kids had barley left the house in weeks so the went a little crazy. They ran up and down the waters edges screams laughs rang out over the landscape they were having so much fun, they had races and drew in the salty mud, and thats all ok like i tell all the parents at their sessions we are here caputer beatiful athentic moments no matter what happens even if thats them being a little crazy or sad we wanna tell their story.

The story of that moment in time and the best way to do that is to just roll with it, I also use promts to help the flow of thing to keep us on track and keep as creating those special moments, some of these are things like lets have a race then lets cuddle and congratulate them for winning we love our siblings lets give them a tickle lets stand together and see whos feet are the muddiest things like help the kids feel as if its fun and'Im not just saying stand and smile say cheese I find this just looses their interest really quick i do do this sometimes if we really want a particular shot but most of the time i use promts.

so after they ran around for twenty or so minitures cuddling exploring finding emu foot prints and following them trying to see if they could find the emu which made them, We watched the sun set and talked about how the colours change and the shadows. I then pulled out some sparklers much to their delight we took a few shots with these they loved this and were more them happy for me to take photos while they watched them burn and then headed back to the car, But not before they had their little treat of going to see the ducks just a few meters away from where we were.

I personally find that my kids and plenty of others love a reward after their session I personaly perfer this to be something like seeing the ducks like we did or we will go home and do some painting or make playdough i dont suggest lollies as often parents bring these in their pockets and the kids end just with the lolly because they know it's there and end up covered in the lolly and more then likely they are in their nice clothes and mum ends up stressed unnessaserly if this is what works for you I suggest leaving the lolly or treat at home in a special spot then they can eat if once they are home for doing a good job.

but i do try and make my sessions fun for the kids so you can look back on they and remember the moments as fun athentic ones.

Thanks for reading Sarah xx

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